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"Hawaii it seems to be love at first sight. Those for whom the islands were made, or who were made for the islands, are swept off their feet in the first moments of meeting, embraced and are embraced."  

A visit to the Islands creates memories one will always remember. The purpose of this web page is to enrich your knowledge of the Hawaiian culture, their remarkable history, and beautiful tropical lands.

Hawaii - The Big Island Revealed
The book “Hawaii The Big Island Revealed” is an absolute must for anyone taking a trip to the Big Island.  You will learn about the fascinating sites, activities, restaurants, back roads and hidden secrets on the Big Island of Hawaii.The authors are Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman and the book can be found in any of the large bookstores or online at:  (just type in the title of the book).

Hawaiian Happenings
Hawaiians love to entertain and have fun and the events always seem to involve music, dancing, arts and crafts, food, and enjoyment of people.

For some California Bay Area entertainment, check out the Hukilau Restaurants for dining and for weekly entertainment.

Hawaiian History and Culture
Hawaii's many distinct customs are a reflection of the state's rich mix of ethnicities and accompanying cultural practices, most of which have been nurtured and preserved over a span of several centuries. Immigrants from Europe, the South Pacific, Asia and other parts of the world joined Hawaii society following English explorer Capt. James Cook's arrival in 1779 — most of them explorers, Christian missionaries, businessmen, whalers, plantation workers and, more recently, those simply seeking a better way of life. This convergence of foods, languages, religions and family values with the native Hawaiian culture has resulted in a blend of centuries-old traditions that today largely typifies the distinct character that is called the 'Hawaiian Island lifestyle.’
Click here for a short story of “The Gods of Ancient Hawaii”

Hawaiian Language
The Hawaiian language is a beautiful gentle and melodic language that flows smoothly off the tongue.   Most Polynesian languages share the same roots, and many have common words.  Today, Hawaiian is spoken as an every day language only on the Island of Ni’ihau.
Click here for a short language lesson

Hawaiian Music
The Hawaiian music reflects many changing moods. The easy sway of a hula dancers hips, the scent of an exotic flower or the awesome emotion felt when looking at an incredible ocean view, are all reflected in the music of the Hawaiian people.

Other Hawaiian Stuff
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